Mt. Parnell Fisheries offers single-tailed and fantail types of goldfish Carassius auratus. Koi Cyprinus carpio are also offered in the traditional and butterfly (longfin) varieties. Besides goldfish and koi, we offer rosy red minnows Pimephales promelas, ornamental catfish Ictalurus punctatus, and bullfrog tadpoles Rana catabiensa.

Single-Tailed Varieties

Single-tailed goldfish are available from feeder size (1.5-3") to pool size fish (usually 3-10").

Common Feeder Goldfish

Common "feeder" goldfish
Feeder-sized common goldfish have a short tail and are usually orange in color, but may contain red, white or black.


Comet Goldfish, Pond Fish
Comet goldfish "pond fish"

The same general body conformation as common goldfish although comets typically have a longer body and longer fins. Comets for pond fish are red-orange colored.


Sarasa Comet
Sarasa Comet

Mt. Parnell sarasa comets exhibit excellent red color and patterns on a white background.


Primarily a long-bodied, single-tailed goldfish with a bluish color and spots of yellow, orange, red and black. Our shubunkins were selectively bred from Bristol Shubunkin stock to obtain the excellent color and conformation of the current Mt. Parnell Shubunkin.


Fantail Varieties

The fantail goldfish varieties have short, robust bodies with double fan-shaped tails. Referred to as "fancies" at Mt. Parnell, these varieties are slower swimming and more graceful than the single-tailed varieties. Pond-run fancies are typically available as smalls (1.5-2.5") up to 4", whereas our Recirculating System fancy fish are available from smalls up to 8".

American Fan

American Fan
The most popular and most basic of the fantail varieties. Most American fans are red-orange, but some may contain red, white, and/or black.


Calico Fan

Calico Fan
A multi-colored fantail including blue, orange, black and white colors.


Black Moor

Black Moor

Basically a black fantail with protruding, or "telescope" eyes.


Calico Telescope

Calico Telescope

These fish exhibit the color pattern of calico fans and the protruding eyes of black moors.


Red Cap Oranda
Red Cap Oranda

Orandas are generally egg shaped and more robust than American fans. Red Caps have a white body with a red area, referred to as a cap, on the top of their head.

Fantail Nymph
Fantail Nymph

Nymphs arise from all types of fantails that develop only a single tail instead of the preferred double-tail feature.

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