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Mt. Parnell Fisheries Co. is proud to annouce the general availablity of our own high quality fish foods for wholesale distribution. Your customers can now use the same quality food that we use here at Mt. Parnell in raising our prize stock.

Below you will find information on the five different varities of Mt. Parnell fish foods we have to offer. Please contact us today for more information. Ingredients for all of our Mt. Parnell fish foods can be found here.

There is no question that quality food = quality fish!

So, demand the best for your fish and request Mt. Parnell Fisheries Fish Foods from your supplier today!


Mr. Parnell Fish Food Varities:

Mt. Parnell Flake, Floating Fish FoodMt. Parnell Flake: In Stock

42% protein, 5% fat. Floating flake feed supplies a complete diet that will not cloud water. Includes spirulina, krill and shrimp meal. Used in our holding pools for a light snack when fish are being prepared for shipping. Great for aquarium fish and pond fish of all sizes.

Mt. Parnell Sinking Diet plus COLORMt. Parnell Sinking Diet plus COLOR: In Stock

35% protein, 6% fat. Sinking feed formulated specially for all the needs of the fish raised in our recirculating aquaculture system. Small crumbled pellets can be eaten by all sizes of fish. Works well with aquarium fish and pond fish—fish can casually graze on the feed that sinks to the bottom. Feed to koi that you want to eat the way Mother Nature intended them to-on the bottom.

Mt. Parnell Maintenance DietMt. Parnell Maintenance Diet: In Stock

32% protein, 3% fat. This feed is a 3.0 mm pellet that can be fed to goldfish and koi larger than about 3.5 inches. Also works great for gamefish in farm ponds. Floats so that you can see your fish eat. Use it for a year round maintenance diet or a lower protein alternative as a spring and fall transition diet.

Mt. Parnell Growth Diet plus COLOR (small)Mt. Parnell Growth Diet plus COLOR (small): In Stock

38% protein, 6% fat. A 2.5 mm floating pellet enhanced with the color additive astaxanthin to bring out the best in your goldfish and koi. Higher protein formulation designed to help your fish achieve their greatest growth potential throughout the summer. Fish larger than three inches should be able to easily eat this food.

Mt. Parnell Growth Diet plus COLOR (large)Mt. Parnell Growth Diet plus COLOR (large): In Stock

38% protein, 6% fat. 5.5 mm floating pellet—Same as above but a larger pellet designed mainly for larger koi.



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