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LabThe millions of fish produced annually at Mt. Parnell Fisheries are monitored by a staff of professional fish culturists from the time they hatch until they are shipped from the hatchery. A sample of our fish is sent twice per year to an APHIS/AFS (United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and American Fisheries Society) certified laboratory for disease testing to stay current with requirements for shipping fish to all of our customers.

Diagnostic Testing:

Mt. Parnell maintains two diagnostic laboratories on site, primarily for identification of the various parasitic organisms that may infest our fish. After the young fish hatch they are examined every several days under the microscope for the presence of parasites that may be devastating to a population of young fish. After the fish are about eight weeks old, they are no longer checked under the microscope every several days; however, a staff member will observe the fish in all of the ponds every day of the year. If adverse clinical signs are observed, a few fish are checked in the lab for diagnosis, and a treatment can be administered when deemed necessary.

When fish are harvested from the pond and brought to the storage shed, prophylactic treatments are given and a sample lot of fish is checked under the microscope. If warranted, additional treatments are given so that every customer receives healthy fish.

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Disease Testing:

The fish produced by Mt. Parnell Fisheries have been certified free of disease for overseas exporting requirements since 1996. This certification is achieved by sending several hundred fish biannually to an APHIS/AFS approved lab where they complete an analysis. Mt. Parnell's fish have tested negative for disease since beginning the certification process.

Mt. Parnell offers the professional services of their staff biologists to all established customers needing assistance with issues concerning fish health.

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