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      Producing quality fish at a facility that includes approximately 250 outdoor culture ponds, 50 broodfish ponds and a 40 tank recirculating aquaculture system depends upon great attention to detail and a dedicated work force. The entire 500 acre campus requires care 365 days a year and several employees are on call 24 hours a day in case of an alarm call at the hatchery.

      Depending on the time of year, employees work in various facets of production which can be broken down to outdoor production, indoor production and preparation of fish for shipment. Outdoor production consists of broodfish selection and care, spawning/stocking, pond management, and harvesting; indoor production is conducted within our recirculating aquaculture system; and preparing fish for shipment involves treating, grading, sorting, sizing and counting fish.

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      The hard work that goes into producing quality fish seems worthwhile when you get feedback such as this:

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